A Hero's Journey: Expectations

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You are a member of a select few, chosen by ELL` platform to participate in this program. There are thousands of students around the world who love the chance to participate in something like this. This is a big opportunity and the world will be watching. Already, this project has been the topic of over 40 blogs and website articles. It has been written about in magazines like THE Journal, and has been featured in WoW Insider's prestigious 15 Minutes of Fame section three times! It has been featured in local news and in several online podcasts. There are over 70 education leaders from around the world following this project closely on the RezEd website and the project wiki has had about 22,000 visitors from 118 countries. The project has also expanded around the world as students in Florida, New York, New Jersey and even Australia are beginning to participate. As a participant in the WoWinSchool Project, you are one of our Heroes. You leave a legacy. You represent yourself, your family, your classmates and your school.

So, of course, there are some expectations for you:

  • Do not share your account information with anyone in or out of this class, especially online.
  • School and district rules regarding your behavior should be followed both in the classroom and "in-world."
  • You must follow Blizzard Entertainment's End-User License Agreement while "in-world."
  • Cursing, spamming (using chat to repeat unwanted messages), and griefing (disrupting the play experience of other players) are prohibited. This applies to both "in-world" and real life.
  • Your account may have characters on them created by teachers or others. You may not log into those accounts or change them in anyway. Likewise, they will respect your characters.
  • Treat everyone, both in class and "in-world" with respect. You represent your school and this project!
  • You must follow all rules established by your guild (the student-run player association).
  • You are a team player. Don't forget!

I agree to these expectations (student signature):