A Hero's Journey: Sample Course Syllabus

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Greetings traveler! We are the Council of Azeroth: The Lorekeepers. You have been selected for a very important quest that will stretch your mental abilities and test your resolve. Not all have been chosen to undertake this journey, but you are unique, gifted, and talented, and that is why the Council has selected you. What is this mission, you ask? It is a journey... A Hero’s Journey.

This letter will inform you of the task ahead. It contains all you need to know about your training and the challenges you’ll face. Read on, friend. Your path is laid out before you, and should you choose to embark on this road, we will be here to guide and assist you.

The Road Ahead

The challenges you’ll face on the path ahead will take place in three major arenas:

World of Warcraft - During this journey, you’ll experience the trials of a hero as you explore the popular, online world of Azeroth. Here, you’ll choose what role you’ll play, and how you aid the good citizens of that world, while reflecting on your experiences there. Most of our challenges for you will take place there. You won’t face these alone, however. Together with your fellow heroes (your classmates) and fellow adventurers from other schools, you’ll form a player guild and support each other on this journey.

The Hobbit - Though you’ll be experiencing the trials that heroes before you have faced, we’ll have another hero we’ll be studying along the way. Together, we’ll read The Hobbit and see how Bilbo Baggins faced his own challenges and how they compare to yours.

The Real World - All of your challenges will be outlined for you in an online format. In the online course, you’ll submit your work in each challenge we present to you. Along the way, you’ll also draw from your experiences in the real world and see how those compare to your experiences in Azeroth as well as Bilbo’s in The Hobbit.

Challenges and Experience Points

There are no assignments in this quest nor are there grades as you are probably familiar with them. Rather, each week you’ll be presented with a series of challenges.

These come in a variety of forms:

  • The Hero’s Journal - this is where you’ll write and reflect on your journey.
  • Tavern Talks - these are online discussions you’ll have with your fellow heroes. Many of your challenges will be submitted here.
  • Adventures in Azeroth - these are challenges that take place entirely in World of Warcraft.
  • IRL - these are challenges that take place in the real world.

Each challenge you undertake in this quest will be awarded with experience points. The number of experience points you earn will depend on the quality of your work. The Lorekeepers will inform you of how many experience points each assignment is worth and how you can earn the greatest possible experience. As you earn experience points, your hero’s level in the course will increase. Will you reach the highest level possible?

A Hero’s Reputation

One of the things most valued by a hero is their own reputation. Your reputation is a critical piece of your success on this quest. All heroes must agree to the following:

  • Courteous. A hero will not curse, spam, or beg. This applies to your activity in the classroom as well as in the online course and in World of Warcraft.
  • Respect. You must demonstrate this to the Lorekeepers, your fellow heroes, and to those you meet in World of Warcraft.
  • Prepared. You should arrive each day ready to embark on whatever challenges the Lorekeepers have for you and with any previous challenges completed on time.
  • Focused. Your challenges will require you to be completely focused. Straying from the path will impede your progress.

The Path Ahead

The following is a rough outline of the journey that lies before you. The Council has forseen the following, but the future is sometimes unclear and there may always be unknown challenges ahead.

Quest 1 - Journey’s Beginning - Orientation.

Quest 2 - Answering the Call - Introduction to World of Warcraft.

Quest 3 - What Is Your Name? - Creating a World of Warcraft character.

Quest 4 - Choosing a Path - Choices.

Quest 5 - What Is Your Quest? - Exploring quests.

Quest 6 - The Quest Giver - Writing your own quests.

Quest 7 - Don't Go It Alone - Adventure groups.

Quest 8 - Something Bigger Than Myself - The mission of hero guilds.

!uest 9 - Sharp in Wit - Poems and Riddles.

Quest 10 - A Light in Chaotic Times - Tweets and in-world events.

Quest 11 - The Will and the Skill - Hero talents.

Quest 12 - Civilization and Society - Cities and society in World of Warcraft.

Quest 13 - A Leader Among Men - Guild structure.

Quest 14 - One Of the Elect - Guild officer speeches.

Quest 15 - Bootstrapping It - Trade skills and crafting.

Quest 16 - Only as Strong as My Allies - Teamwork.

Quest 17 - A Tale for the Bards - Poetic storytelling.

Quest 18 - In a Flash - Interacting with the player community.

Quest 19 - Forging Ahead - Cooperative questing and dungeons.

Quest 20 - Know Your Lore - Understanding the story behind the adventure.

Quest 21 - I Bought This from a Goblin - Advertising and propaganda.

Quest 22 - The Hero’s Footprint - Who you are, online.

Quest 23 - Rising Above - Digital citizenship in online games.

Quest 24 - Against Impossible Odds - Strategic thinking for dungeons.

Quest 25 - For Future Heroes - Writing strategy guides.

Quest 26 - Villains - A study of the villains of Azeroth.

Quest 27 - The Villain Inside - A hero's struggle to do what's right.

Quest 28 - My Enemy Is My Friend? - Exploring the Horde perspective.

Quest 29 - Telling the Tale I - (Machinima Project) - Storyboarding.

Quest 30 - Telling the Tale II - (Machinima Project) - Collaborative script writing and scene planning.

Quest 31 - The Hero’s Goal - Setting goals and reaching them in Azeroth and the real world.

Quest 32 - The Journey Home - Making the world better for other players.

Quest 33 - The Hero’s Reward - Reflecting on the Hero's Journey.

Quest 34 - Putting the Pieces Together - (Machinima Project) - Video capture and editing.

Quest 35 - The Legacy - Leaving a legacy behind for future heroes.

Quest 36 - An Epic Tale - (Machinima Project) - Machinima film festival.

The Pact

So will you accept this call of the hero? Will you face the challenges that lie ahead, helping your fellow heroes along the way? Will you maintain a reputation worthy of heroism? If so, sign this agreement. Destiny awaits...


The Council of Azeroth